Don’t Tell The Bride And More!

Happy New Year folks!

It looks like we haven’t updated our posts since 2016, so we thought we’d come back with an update. We had an eventful 2017, with plenty of fantastic Octoberfest shows, some great Katzenjammers Bierkeller gigs, our fair share of weddings, a return to the London Marathon, RideLondon FreeCycle and Rusty Bicycle, and even an appearance on the latest season of Don’t Tell The Bride (which you can see tonight from 9pm!). We also saw the death of Chester Bennington of which you can see our tribute below, as well as being caught up in the London Bridge attacks in June. It was an eventful and upsetting night but we were all fine – our thoughts still go out to those injury or killed and their families. 

We’re looking forward to a good 2018, returning to the London Marathon and RideLondon FreeCycle, plenty more weddings and of course our Katzenjammers residency every Saturday from 8.45pm and every other Thursday from 8.15pm. 

You can check out an up to date list of our shows on our shows page here. Don’t forget to also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – we love to see your videos/photos so please do send them over!