Autumn Update! :D

It’s been a brilliant summer with some wonderful weather, and it looks like it’s still hanging on – perfect drinking and wedding weather!

Summer saw us return to perform at RideLondon’s FreeCycle event and a lot of our usual wedding gigs. We’ve been at some lovely venues, including Brighton Band Stand and a surprising number of boats!

Our performance venue for today 😀 #wedding #brassband

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We also had this lovely card coming through our door;


It’s been an eventful summer with our own weddings too, with Sean, Andi, Geoffa and Bob all getting married!

Now we’re in the swing of Oktoberfest, having performed at the US Embassy, plenty of freshers and corporate Oktoberfest celebrations, several shows at Octoberfest Pub in Fulham, and of course our regular Katzenjammers Bierkeller where we’re now also performing every other Thursday evening.

We’ll be returning for the fifth time to The Rusty Bicycle in Oxford on October 28th, and we’ve still got plenty more weddings to go!

We’ve also sold out of our black t-shirts, but not to worry! We’re currently designing a new tee which we’ll be releasing this winter – watch this space! We do have a couple of our winter jumpers still in stock however;


Make sure you keep checking our gig page to see where we’re playing, and make sure you also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

See you at Katz on Saturday 😉